Friday, April 13, 2012

Have a Hoppy Day

I'm only a week late. That's okay, right?  Shortly before Easter I received a package from a friend of mine.  I made her some little girl ruffle slippers and she made me a knit bunny like this one.

Isn't it adorable! You can find her other creations here. I decided to give it to little Lotte Lou for Easter.  It's so soft and cuddly I knew she would love it. And she did!
I kept thinking I wished I had something like this for each of the kiddos.  I got looking around and guess what, on the Lion Brand site they have a free pattern for a crocheted bunny.  I pinned it thinking that maybe I would get to it next year.  A few random people commented on the pin saying they had made the pattern before and it was so easy.  So, I gave in.  It's not like I had anything else on my plate.
I thought I'll just make one, see how it goes.

 Turns out he's rather handsome.  All the kids loved him.  And then it happened....., all the thoughts of  which one do I give him to?  Are the others going to feel bad that I didn't make them one?  Would the older kids feel bad if I just made some for the younger ones?  Can I really get 3 more done by Easter?
Well no,  turns out that I couldn't get 3 more done by Easter.  I did try though.  I didn't promise the kids anything, I just worked on them quietly.  They kept asking what I was making,  who it was for?  They are getting used to the answer something for another little boy/girl that lives far away.  But they kept throwing hints that they would sure love a little bunny.  It always makes me feel so happy when they like something I make.

 At this point they don't all have faces.  I was just really excited to have all the body parts put together.

There was this little head that kept getting in the way.  None of the kiddos had seen them all  put together yet.  When Lotte saw what I was taking photos of there was no stopping her.

Doesn't that just melt your heart!  Oh mine sure did so I let her keep pulling them down.

 She wouldn't put any of them down, and ran away so I couldn't take them.

So fast forward several hours. After dinner, baths, and most of the kiddos in bed. I was finally able to get some shots of them in their natural habitat.

 The kids sure were excited when I told them they were for them.
Their names from left to right are, Mrs.Purple Flowers, Rabbit, Greeny Greeny Green Bunny, and Unnamed. (yeah, they get there naming creativity from me) My 12 year old said he wasn't to old to have a bunny made by his mom but that he didn't want to name it.  Fair enough.

I love how they each turned out slightly different.  They were easy, if you are comfortable crocheting in the round.  They were very time consuming though. So a week late isn't that bad, right?

Thanks for stoppin' by and hangin' out.

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